About Cue Cases

At CueCases, we understand the heartbreak of a broken cue which is why we’ve developed a first-class range of cue cases to help prevent against the despair of damages.

No matter your cue; Cannon, Peradon or Brittania, CueCases know that your cue is personal and can represent a hefty investment so taking the very best care of it and ensuring it remains undamaged is a top priority. This is where CueCases can help!

CueCases’ deluxe range of cue cases are constructed from solid wood, making them ideal to house your pride and joy; ensuring the absolute best protection for your pool or snooker cue. We currently have four sizes available: Single, Double, Half & Double Three Quarter which all benefit from internal compartments for your cue and chalk.

Our cases are slim and lightweight for ease of storage and transportation, enabling you to carry in one hand, without the need for a handle.
The cushioned foam interior provides a gentle clamp to prevent your cue sliding around for optimum security, without leaving any marks or impressions on the cue.

Each case is expertly hand finished and coated to protect the wood, with metal studs at both ends for added protection to ensure the longevity of your case.

CueCases’ passion is providing top quality cases that represent superb value for money. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do from design conception through to our attentive aftersales service. Our mission is to keep your cue pristine and increase its lifespan allowing you to enjoy years’ of potting those balls.

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